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The fifth season of Mad Men, the awarded american drama about an Advertising Agency and one of our favorite series is currently on the air, after a year of negotiations with its creator Matt Weiner. Almost at the same time, Taschen releases this new coffee table book with the best American print advertising in the 50s and 60s, the age of the “Bid Idea”.

Advertising from the Mad Men Era takes us inside Don Draper’s mind and show us the work of the talented and creative artist and writters from Madison Avenue that changed America and the Advertising itself.

You can buy the book on Taschen’s website and Mad Men seasons 1-4 on Amazon. And take a look to some of the campaigns you can find in this book, included the Bernbach’s Volkswagen Ad, ‘Lemon’, that it has become a legend.

Images courtesy of Taschen.

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Lise Sarfati, On Hollywood

Lise Sarfati, On Hollywood

Lise Sarfati, On Hollywood

Lise Sarfati, SHE

Lise Sarfati, SHE

Lise Sarfati, SHE

One of our favorite artists, Lise Sarfati, a french-born photographer who lives in USA, is holding two exhibitions at Rose Gallery in Los Angeles.

She started her career as the official photographer for The Acadamie des Beau Arts in Paris, after receiving her Master´s Degree in Russian Studies from the Sorbonne. She lives in USA since 2003, where she has developed her photographic career with six striking series of photographs, which have each been followed by exhibitions and publications.

Lise Sarfati described her latest work “SHE”, in the 45 issue of EXIT: “My work touches on reality but a human reality. I often find myself in a banal situation, but my aim is to surpass it, to transcend it, in order to discover the core of an existence that can be explained by the solitude of the character in her domestic intimacy, even in the hermetic space of a street or any other desert: the woman is ever alone in a crowd.”
For this serie, Sarfati photographed Christine, her sister Gina, and Christine’s two daughters, Sloane and Sasha, over the course of 4 years in California and Arizona.

Take a look to her latest series, “On Hollywood” and “SHE”, here. And also you can buy her books at Amazon.

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Park Sofa, Jasper Morrison 2004. Shop at VITRA.

Cork Family, Jasper Morrison 2004. Shop at VITRA.

Jasper Morrison is one of today’s most influential industrial designers, known for his elegant and quietly humorous style. Born 1959 in London, grew up there and in New York. He studied Design at the Royal College of Art and  got a scholarship to study at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin.

In 1986, a year after graduating from the RCA, Morrison opened his Office for Design in London, where has designed everything from a tray-table to a tram system.

If you are in London, you should visit his hidden shop in Shoreditch, where you can find practical design treasures from a cutlery draw to a cast iron nutcracker. If not, you can visit his online store at any time.

Jasper Morrison Design Studio & Shop in Shoreditch.
Kingsland Road E2 8DA, London.

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James Mercer, the singer and songwriter behind The Shins since 1996, faces his biggest challenge with Port of Morrow, the new album of the band and its first in 5 years.

Mercer returns with this vintage flavour album inspired by the classic pop of the ’70s and is leading a completely new band, formed by a semi-permanent collective of musicians.

The touring version of The Shins includes the guitarist Jessica Dobson, who has played with Beck; the bassist Yuuki Matthews, of the band Crystal Skulls; Joe Plummer, the drummer in Modest Mouse.

The Shins’s new album will be released on March 20th and is available to preorder on its website right now.
Enjoy here its first single, Simple Song.